What is Whole Life?

Whole Life Insurance covers you for as long as you live if your premiums are paid. You generally pay the same amount in premiums for as long as you live. The portion of the premium that is not used for the cost of insurance is invested by the company and builds up a cash value that may be used in a variety of ways including borrow against a policy’s cash value by taking a policy loan.  

Why whole life?

Because a Whole Life policy accumulates cash value in the form of a tax-sheltered investment account that the policyholder can borrow against, these policies are not only a way to leave a financial legacy to your heirs, but also as a good investment tool.


  • Lasts your entire lifetime.
  • Fixed premium – Budgeting is easy with a consistent premium payment.
  • Accumulation of a cash value – Cash value accumulates over time, and some policies may allow you to borrow against it. 
  • Fixed benefit – You can choose the amount you leave to loved ones, and rest easy knowing that’s what they’ll get.